How do I download a printable?

If you’d like to download a printable, simply click on the print image and you will be taken to a Dropbox page. On this page, in the top right corner you’ll see three dots. Click on this and click ‘download’. Your file should being to download!

Is there a number I can call to discuss my design needs?

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, I do not list my phone number for clients and customers to use. If you’d like to contact me, the best way is via email at thelilybugproject@gmail.com. I endeavour to reply to emails within 24 hours, but sometimes it can take up to 48 hours due to family life.

What is your design turnaround?

My turnaround time is highly dependant on my current work load. If you are needing an urgent design job, please email me to check my availability. If it’s a week day, I should be able to have a turnaround of 24 hours or less for URGENT jobs. However, there is a rush fee of 20% on top of my design fee. Logo designs can take between a few days and a few weeks depending on how fast your communication is via email or Facebook.

What are your prices?

I have set prices for smaller jobs and logo jobs, and an hourly rate for large projects or ongoing work.
Logo Service : $249
Small design : $50 (Business card, Facebook banner, gift voucher etc)
Hourly rate : Please contact to confirm

Logo Design

How do I receive my files?

Once payment has been received, your files will be uploaded to a Dropbox file and a link will be sent to you. Your files will be kept in the Dropbox file so that you have a backup copy. Files are easily downloaded from Dropbox with or without an account.

Who owns the final files?

The final files are owned you YOU, the client. However, the final the working files (Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign files) remain owned by myself. If you’d like to purchase the working files, I have a $300 release fee for any working file. Why do I have this fee? Think about it this way, if you pay to have a portrait done, would you expect the price to include the artists remainder paint, brushes and tools? No. You are paying for the finished product!

How long will my logo files be available to me?

Your logo files will be held on Dropbox for at least 6 months. If for any reason the files need to be removed from Dropbox, I will contact you to let you know. I also hold back ups on my personal server, so if by chance you need files and can’t find them on Dropbox, please email me.

Why do I not receive the working files of my work?

As mentioned before, if you were to pay for a portrait to be painted of your family, would you expect the artist to provide the brushes as well? The working files remain my property. If you really wish to have them, there is a $300 release fee per file.

What do I need in order to get started on my logo?

In reality, the best way to start the logo design process, is if you have at least a small idea of what you are after. What would you like your logo to portray to your potential customers? How would you like to use your logo? On signage, buildings, vinyl? Do you want to extend your business in the not to distant future? Lots of things have to be taken into consideration. If you’d like to have a chat, feel free to email me and we can go from there!

What if i don’t like anything that you present to me?

If you are not drawn to any of the options I send initially, TELL ME. Honesty is the best policy, and I would rather know from the get go if you are not clicking with any of the design options I am sending through.

What file types am I provided with?

You are provided with 4 file formats. Jpeg, PNG, SVG, EPS and PDF. These files are suitable for signage, social media, watermarks and more. SVG and PDF’s are vector images. These files can be scaled to fit the size of a billboard if you need them, so the options are endless! You can provide more information about this on my design services page here.

Why do I need all these formats?

Signage, clothing tags, vinyl, websites, clothing, stickers… there are so many options when it comes to displaying your branding. The reasons I supply all these files types is that so once the design process is finished, you are ready to spread your branding across all platforms. If you are ever unsure what file format you need, feel free to email the Dropbox link to service providers.